Auction of Antique Buttons

Saturday Morning, November 6, 2010

Full Auction Preview on Friday Nov. 5th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

From 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. on the Day of Sale

or by Appointment

Offering the diverse collection of Edith W. Webber of Beverly, Massachusetts, a life-long collector from the 1930’s, acquaintance of noted collector, Edythe Doe, and early member of The Massachusetts Button Society and National Button Society.

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Categories represented include, but are not limited to:

Paperweights - Satsumas - Waistcoats - Black and Lacey Glass - Inlays - Mosaic - Gay 90’s - Scarabs Calicos - Plastics and Bakelite - Horn and Bone - Silver, Brass and other Metals - Heads and Figures Dutch Buckles - Chinas - Fabrics - Enamels - Lithos - Pearl - Military - Schools, Societies and Organizations - Scenes - Transportation - Fables, Angels, Animals, Insects and Sporting - Paste Brilliants and Much More - Old books and ephemera about buttons and collecting - Early auction and Button Society paper 

001  Lg Tray   Variety Shells, Shapes & Designs
                        Pearl/abalone/smoked oyster/pierced pearl on pearl/etched
                        see throughs/pin shanks/escutcheon/Acorn/Owls
002  Lg Tray  Black Glass
                        Designs/shapes/lusters/imitation fabrics/balls/etched
                        wire loop&shank/small shank plates/4way boxes
                        Dragons/Eiffel Tower/Watch Dogs (scarce)
                        Squirrel molded in intaglio,polished surface w/self shank (scarce)
003   Lg Tray Black Glass
                        An interesting lot of over 150 black glass buttons including many
                        lustres, imitation fabrics and a variety of shapes and shanks:
                        Peaceable Kingdom-child w/ lion-silver lustre
                        Moses watching over his sister Miriam
                        Black Glass Drum with jewel tip
                        Dogs playing/Doghouse- large and small lustres
                        Dog and Cat lustre
                        Laxey WaterWheel- located at Lady Isabella Mine on Isle of Man
004   Lg Tray  Horn, Bone, Goodyear, Hard Rubber, Composition, Veg Ivory
                        Paper Mache Inlays
                        Over 200 buttons: whistles/sew throughs/loop shank/stars/floral
                        slag&blackglass/animals/paris backs/geometrics/anchor/horseshoe
005  Lg Tray  Assorted Plastics
                        Plastic tight tops/celluloid/bakelite/Bubbles
006   Lg Tray Assorted Plastics
                        Plastics/Lucites/tight tops/celluloid/imitation Tortoise
                        self shanks/pin shanks/celluloid overlay/plastic w/ rhinestone trim
007  Lg Tray  Variety of Plastics, Realistics, Sets, Bakelites, Wood, Celluloid
                        Fruit Bakelite set   -   Ladies Travel set
008  Lg Tray  Brass and Other Metals: over 140 buttons
                        Jacksonian-Basket of Flowers
                        Gilts- Brass Vest buttons 1830s-Benedict & Burnham
                        Falcon Huntress- 1pc stamped brass & pierced
                        Pharoah's Daughter lifting Moses from water-Exodus on stud
                        Victorian Jewels
                        Baskets-flowers and gardening implements-tinted
                        Pearl centers in brass w/ brass flower
                        painted enamels/ Paris backs/ Drum (1840-1870s)
009   Lg Tray  Brass: over 130 buttons
                        Dragons-flower tailed
                        Large Victorian Jewel (Gay 90s)
                        French Thistle
                        Walls of Jericho- pewter design over brass background&collet
                        Helmet w/ plume closed visor/ Transportation- car/plane
                        heads/birds/fruits/urns/fans/Paris backs/moon/stars
010   Lg Tray  Silver, Steel, Pewter and other Metals: over 175 buttons
                        7 Amethyst flat glass on painted metal back-plate, pin shank
                        Pewter daisy cloak button clasps
                        Lion in Palmyra- tinted white metal,steel back, wire shank
                        Cut Steel- Berries, 19th and 20th centuries
                        Aluminum 1930 cylindrical
                        Large Victorian Jewel
                        globe/ florals/ stars/ moon/ fans/ tints/ pearl/ bird/ ships/ coins/ acorns
011   Med Tray  Scenes, Transportation, Birds: over 80 buttons
                        Jaunting Carriage
                        Airplane-brass/ sailboats/ anchor
                        Ship "Moeve" -brass- Scarce
                        Heron feeding her young
                        Bird flying to nest
                        Mr Rook- tinted brass
                        Owl with Rhinestone eyes
                        Brass Duck- applied lacquered with engraved back-concave
                        Chick afloat in wooden shoe- copper lustre- Scarce
                        Town of Hamlin/ Eiffel Tower/ Blarney Castle-tinted pewter
                        Italian Villa/ Grand Canal- Venice/ other scenes
                        Mill-a type of Grimm Fairy Tales- brass and wire shank
012    Med Tray Small Chinas and Utilitarian: over 200 buttons
                        Calicos/ Ringers/ Inkwells/ Stencils/ Lustres/ Piecrusts/ Hobnail
                        Vintage button bag
013 Med Tray  20th Century Examples of Plastics, Bakelite, Wood, China, Glass
014  Med Tray Mix of Wood Pulp, Compositions, Shapes and Materials
                       Sailboat/ football/ 1930s painted/ see throughs/ pin shanks
015 Med Tray  China and Modern Glass: over 100 buttons
                        Calicos/ ringers/ bullseye/ stencils/ inkwell/ victorians/ whistles/
                        carmel glass/ clambroth/ pearlized coating/ imitation fabrics
                        overlay/ variety of shanks/ swirl backs/ modeled designs
016 Med Tray  Fables, Angels, Animals, Insects and Sporting: over 65 buttons
                        Cupid finds a victim/ Cherub on a swing / Cupid at the fountain
                        Cherub rowing a boat/ Angel on the wall/ Imp of Pain
                        Putto carrying a tray of fruit
                        Bubbles: Cherub blowing bubbles- 1 pc stamped brass, pierced,
                                      tinted,3 black glassbuttons riveted to back, Scarce
                        In the Dog House- brass on steel back, Scarce
                        Wolf and the Crane- Paris back/  Teddy Bear/ Lion at Rest
                        Billy Possum/ Moose/ Dog- souvenir/ Sporting Dog/ Sporting Fox
                        Butterfly- Paris Back/ Fly- molded milk glass/ Beetle / Ladybug
                        Butterfly Cloak/ Peaceable Kingdom/ Wolf head- rubber
017 Med Tray Heads, Figures and Fables: over 75 buttons
                        3 French Soldiers- scarce/ Roland- stamped,tinted brass-scarce
                        Japanese and the Turtle-scarce/ In Beauty's Room (1930s) -scarce
                        Rumpelstilskin/ Fairy at St.Cuthbert's Well/ Theodora
                        Tin type-young woman of period/ Mary Stuart/ Liberty Cap
                        John Gilpin- boar hunter/ Minerva/ Astraea/ Warrior/ YumYum
                        9 Alfred Count d'Orsay- Prince of the Dandies of the Regency
                        Immo and Hildegarde/ Mme. Chrysantheme/ Andrea Del Sarto
                        "Pay Toll Here"- tinted brass/ Fishing Girl (clam digger) -2pc brass
018  Med Tray Sampler Tray: over 150 buttons
                        Variety of metals/ black glass/ modern glass/ plastics/ pearl/ stencils
                        animals/ inlays/ realistics/ horn/ goodyear/ Paris backs/ tints/
                        cut steels/ celluloid/ dragons/ whistles/ scenes/ waistcoats/ stars
                        intaglio- molded and paint filled glass type mounted on metal
                        card hand
019  Sm Tray Studs and Cufflinks: over 50
                        Pearl/ gold/ silver/ semi-precious stones/ enamel
                        fraternal/ heads/ animals
020 Sm Tray Military
                        US Navy (1851) -3 Star- Novelty R Co.- Scarce
                        Cold Water Army/ NH Militia/ MA Volunteer Militia
                        Vermont State Seal/ Australian Commonwealth Military Forces
                        US Marine Corps/ German Buckle- Diehl
                        Brass stars/ Eagle pin/ Large brass General Service/ Treble gilt
021   Lg Tray  Fabric
                        Beaded/ crocheted/ damask/ flapper/ balls/ silks/ wools/ floral
022  Lg Tray Pearl
                        Variey of shapes/ ocean pearl/ smoked pearl/ abalonies/ etched
                        escutcheon and steel embellishments/ pearlized coating/ owl
023 Lg Tray  Clear and Colored Glass: over 300 buttons
                        Reflectors/ stars/ heads/ imitation fabric/ buckles/ crystal/ mellow
                        painted backs/ gold & silver lustre/ diminutives/ black glass
    024 Lg Tray Glass and Brass: over 250 buttons
                            Velvets/ large Victorian Jewel/ enamels/ thread back/ celluloid
                            Pearl Colonial pin shanked- scarce/   Tortoise / gilts / dogs
                            riveted brass pierced Art Noveau/  Gay 90s/ rhinestones
                            Paris backs/ drums/  tole / glass set in metals/ victorian jewels
                            26 black balls- loop and plate shank/ diminutives/ pearl whistle
                            2 glass Art Noveau style/ pink jeweled acorn/ carmel glass          

      025  Sm Tray  Pewter- Etched & Painted and Silver Florals       

026 Sm Tray Variety
                        Enamels/ jeweled waistcoats/ Tiger Eye/ gemstones
                        pearlized coating/ glass balls/ diminutives
027  Mini Tray Enamels/ Paperweights/ Cameo
                        Cameo: "Fisherman" - carved helmet shell cameo mounted in gold
                        plated frame- rare subject for a cameo- late 19th/early 20th century
                        Chinese Robe Button of Glass
                        Tiger Eye/ 3 Paperweights/ Enamels/
Star square enamel with floral center and blue pierries border
028  Lg Tray  Military, Military Academies, Schools, Societies,
Organizations, Railroads, Post Office, Fire Department, Police:
over 150 buttons
                            Maine State Seal/ MA State Seal/ MA Volunteer Militia/
                            NH Volunteer Militia/ Air Force-Waterbury CT
                            General Service- Paris backs, GJ&C
                            Army General Service Infantry/ US Maritime Service
                            Navy Crown and Anchor- rope circle
                            Navy Anchor- 2 stars and rope/ Anchor- Austin CT
                            Anchor- 3 crowns- Petters Stockholm
                            Civil War Texas Army/ Excelsior- BBS JR Farrell
                            Army Musician- Harding of Boston
                            Queen's Own Cameroon Highland- London
                            Royal Canadian Mounted Police
                            US Border Patrol-Washington DC/ US Immigration Service
                            Independent Order of Odd Fellows/ Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts
                            Knights of Pythias- Phila/  Hope- Rhode Island
                            Culver Military- Eagle Culver/ Cadet -VMI- H. Vallen& co.
                            Cadet- VPI- Steel & Johnson/ Cadet- USMA
                            Exeter, Hampton, Amesbury Street Railway
                            Canadian National Railway- Montreal
                            Post Office- Pennsylvania Garment Co./  C.Rubens& Co.
                            Post Office- J.Hirsch & Co.- Chicago/  Maher Bros- Utica NY
                            Fire Department- Burton Pierce Co., Boston& Chicago
                            American Legion /Grand Army of Republic/ Sons of Veterans     
029  Card  Heads of Minerva
                        Minerva- Greek goddess of battle, wisdom & women's handicrafts
                        Variety of materials- 18 buttons
030 Card  Inlays, Veneers, Insets, Horn and Others: over 170 buttons
                        Whistles/ paper mache'/ drums/ dyed horn/ light horn/
                        Nautilus chips/ metals/ composition flecks/ shapes
031 Card  Fabrics: over 80 buttons
                        Jeweled/ laced/ crotcheted/ velvets/ needlework
032  Card  Fabrics: over 135 buttons
                        Damask/ brocade/ silk/ beaded/ crotcheted/ covered/ hemp/ velvet
033  Card  Goodyear: over 150 buttons
                        Designs/ crosses/ pin shanks/ moon/ stars/ wasp/ flowers/
                        scalloped edges/ sew thrus
034  Card  China
                        Calicoes/ pie crust/ stencils/ inkwells/ sawtooth/ hobnail /others
035  Card  China
                        Bulls Eyes/ Shoe buttons
036  Card  China, Utilitarian and Others
                        Igloo- 19th century
                        Calicoes/ inkwell/ whistle/ Victorian/ diminutive
037  Card  China
                        Variety of Shoe buttons/ Bull's Eye-gaiter/ lustres/ pyramids
                        Smock/ whistles/ Bird Cage shanks
038  Card  China: over 180 buttons
                        Ivory 2 hole Fish eye/ stencils/ spatters/ mottled/ piecrust/ringers
    039  Card  Small and Medium China
                            Many patterns of calicoes/ pie plate/ ringers     

      040  Card  Celluloid: Shapes and Shuttle

    041  Card  Scenic: 23 animals and birds
                            Lion at rest/ Zebra/ frogs/ birds/ reptiles/ metals/lustres/ blk glass                 

      042  Card Old Rubber Factory - Cabot & Rantoul Street in Beverly, MA              

043 Card  Diminutives:  over 450
                        Enamels/ opaline/ steel/ black glass/ colored glass/ brass
                        Victorian/ modern/ pearl/ plastic/ crystal
044  Card  Waistcoats and Diminutives
                        Enamels/ head/ Cranberry glass/ overlay trims/ crystal/ pearl
                        modern pearl/ opaline/ goldstone/ plastic/ brass
045  Card  Horn: over 125 buttons
                        Figure/ deer/ Fleur de Lis/ Greek key/ arrow/ bow/ flower/ stars
                        escutcheon/ grapes  

      046  Card Buffalo Horn and Composition 

      047  Card Bone and Horn: over 160 buttons

    048  Card  Early Bone and Horn: over 110 buttons
                            Sew thrus and shanks

      049  Card Bone and Horn: over 160 buttons

      050  Card Pearl Sew Thrus: over 70 buttons

051  Card  Pearl: over 150 buttons
                   Colonial Pin shanks/ etched/ sew thrus/ shapes/ anchor/ floral
052  Card Pearl and Abalone Shell: over 200 buttons
                   Shapes/ designs/ etched/ sew thrus and shanks
053 Card Smoky Pearl and Shell: over 100 buttons
                  Variety of designs/ etched/ sew thrus/ shanks
054 Card  Smoky Pearls: over 130 buttons
                 Sew thrus and shanks
    055  Card  Abalone: over 170 buttons
                     Variety of shapes/ etched/ sew thrus/ paisley   

      056  Card Large Smoky Pearls: 45 buttons of various designs

      057 Card Pearl Balls    

058 Card Variety of Yellow Snail and Pearls: over 200 buttons
                 Sleeve or breeches
059 Card  Black Glass: over 200 buttons
                Variety of designs and bright cut surfaces
060  Card Black Glass: over 200 buttons
               Mellow/ bright cut/ intaglio heads/ shanks and sew thrus
061  Card Black Glass: over 200 buttons
               Variety of mechanical make ups, finishes, mellow & bright
062  Card Black Glass: over 200 buttons
               Variety of mechanical make ups
063  Card Black Glass: over 150 buttons
               Faceted and molded surface with bright finish
               brass loops and shanks/ whistles
064  Card Black Glass: over 150 buttons
               Variety of finishes/ sew thrus/ patterns/ shapes/ incised
065 Card Black Glass: over 150 buttons
                 Variety of shapes/ incised/ patterns/ anchor/ horseshoe/ floral
                  passementerie make up
066 Card Black Glass: over 150 buttons
                Variety of shapes/ imitation fabrics/ whistles/ intaglios
067  Card Black Glass: over 200 buttons
                 Variety of pressed, beaded,mellow,passementerie, impressed
                  designs with cut surface    
068  Card Black Glass: over 190 buttons
               Variety of shapes/ metallic colors/ scenes/ patterns/ buckles
                 intaglios/ incised/ mellow
069   Card Brass, Steel and Tints
                Celluloid stick up
    070  Card Variety of Metals and Tints: 140 buttons
                    Garden Basket/ Paris backs/ Fungi/ flower sprigs among trellis        

      071 Card Variety of Metals, Tints, and Florals: over 150 buttons    

072  Card Brass: over 180 buttons
                Watchcase (Robinson) / 1830s / gilts  
    073  Card Pewter, Steel and other Metals: over 140 buttons
                     Moon/ stars/ Paris backs    

      074 Card Variety of Metals and Tints: over 170 buttons

075  Card Brass and Metals: over 70 buttons
                 Florals/ vines
076  Card Cut Steel and Brass: over 225 buttons
                 Riveted/ conventional designs/ patterns      
    077   Card Small Tinted Metals and Florals: 0ver 200 buttons
                      Helmet- shield and weapon/ Figure at open window feeding bird

      078 Card  Variety of Tints and Metals: over 200 buttons

079  Card Military: over 80 buttons
                 NH Volunteer Militia/ MA Volunteer Militia/ Maine
                 General Service/ Air Force/ Navy/ Australian Military Forces       
080  Card Variety of Services, Organizations and Academies
                 Railroad-Boston and Maine/ Motorman/ GR&I Street Railway
                 NY-New Haven& Hartford/ Boston Elevated/ Bay State
                 Providence Police/ Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts
                 Police- D. Evans& Co.- Attleboro Mass
                 Boston Revere Beach & Lynn PF narrow gauge
                 Garfield & Arthur  / Fire Dept- Boston Mass-Burton Pierce
                 TWA/ Work Clothes
                 Howe Military School- Superior Quality
                 HC- Highland Cadets-Worcester MA-Scovill Mfg
                 P.O.D.- Cinncinnati

      081  Card  Grand Army of Republic/ Sons of Veterans

082  Card  Military
                  Navy / Civil War- 13 Stars / Foreign Shipping Lines
                  White Star Line/  Dominion Line / Grace Line-1917
                  US Naval Reserve/ Navy Officer- Germany/ Vet. Artillery
083 Card  War Button Collection
                        1st World War -German
                        German belt buckle
                        2nd World War- Japanese Navy Officers
                        Korean War

      084  Velvet Dutch Buckles silver filigree rare 1800s-1900s                

      085 Velvet Bacchante Heads pair       

      086 Velvet  L'Aiglon 8 heads    

      087 Velvet  Woman's Head iron                

      088  Velvet  Fops French brass - Incroyable & Merveilleuse             

      089  Velvet  Bog (Irish) wood       

      090  Velvet New Lovers - taken from 18th century painting

      091 Velvet  "Crepuscule" (Twilight) brass head, A. Bargas

      092  Velvet  Sporting Buttons (2) Robinson              

      093  Velvet  8 Sheffield Plate- stamped design  

      094  Velvet  9 Chinese     

      095 Velvet   Variety of Velvets (perfume)        

      096  Velvet  4 Flower Tailed Dragons on wood background             

      097 Velvet    Sporting Buttons (6) Hammond Turner & Sons- early 19th century                 

      098  Velvet   Silvered Brass with Applied Scalloped Rim- Deer & Mythology     

      099  Velvet   Horse's Head molded & lustred black glass- brass loop&plate        

      100  Velvet  6 Brass Heads on metal circle                       

      101 Velvet  8 Heraldic Lion brass- variety of backgrounds

    102 Velvet  12 Reclining Lion appears in relief on 1pc metal- design tinted
                         decorated with chasing -c1865- 6 medium- 6 small
103  Velvet Dogs, Horses, Deer:
St. Hubert's Hounds/ Wolf head/ Stag head
                     2 Scotties-pressed wood composition- 1930s
                     Spaniel- stamped/tinted brass /  Boar's head
104  Velvet  Birds: 1 Owl on a branch / 2 owl heads- flat steel, 1 little owl- pewter
105 Velvet  Bat: Iridescent lustred bat on a triangular shaped button
    106 Velvet  25 Waistcoat Jewels- 1850s-1880s - goldstone/swirls

      107 Velvet  22 Waistcoat  blue glass/ some floral overlay               

      108 Velvet  37 Waistcoat  green/blue/red glass centers- brass rims                    

      109 Velvet  28 Waistcoat  variety of stones and rims               

      110 Velvet  37 Waistcoat  variety of stones, goldstone and overlay           

      111 Velvet  33 Waistcoat  variety of stones, floral overlays, stars          

      112 Velvet  37 Waistcoat  incised, molded and star designs              

      113 Velvet  27 semi-precious stones, designs                

      114 Velvet  25 semi-precious stones- gold tops

      115 Velvet  23 Dotted Goldstone on White and Black Glass

      116  Velvet  22 Waistcoats - various colors

117  Velvet  7: Heavy brass c.1885 / 2pc silvered brass / Paris back-TW&W
                        Brevete S.G.D.G. / Palm tree /1 pc stamped/tinted brass
118 Velvet 38 Mix of Victorian- 2pc chaste gilts worn by women in 1860s
Golden Age gilts
    119 Velvet Bridal Rosettes            

      120 Velvet Silver (Plum)               

      121 Velvet  2 Fans- brass w/ steel insert and wire shank               

      122 Velvet Fan- unusual w/ bird and tree applied              

      123  Velvet Brass Acorn               

      124  Velvet Black Glass with Carved Wood Design- brass and shank with plate             

      125  Velvet Glass Set in Metal- Shaped Star- tinback and glass rim           

      126  Velvet 14 Set- 1880s- Flower on Wooden Background set in steel          

      127  Velvet 17: Paper Mache' Inlayed Nautilus Shell Flower Design                 

      128 Velvet  3 Jet              

      129 Velvet  13 Tints          

      130 Velvet  5 Brass and Steel- with Riveted Decorations             

    131  Velvet 23: Brass Gilts- 5 vest c.1830-50 - alpha shanks
                      2 pc small gilts with additional chasing                

      132 Velvet  3 Perforate Stick-up Mottled Sheet Celluloid -c.1880-1900              

    133 Velvet 29 Metal Variety- Florals/ Paris backs/ tints/ baskets
                       Garden implements            

      134 Velvet  29 Variety Metals- tints and metals                

      135 Velvet  24 Cut Steel- late 19th Century- steel cups                

      136 Velvet  72: Steel, Tints and Other Metals                

      137 Velvet  3 Dutch          

      138 Velvet  Brown Glass- unusual- plate and shank               

    139  Velvet 5: Drums, thread back with bird on milk glass, victorian jewels
                            tin steel back- brass rim                  

      140 Velvet  6 Black Glass- Scalloped pin shank        

      141 Velvet  23 Black Blass- variety shanks, plates, lustres,mirror types, steel            

    142  Velvet 15 Black Glass- faceted and steel, silver, lg black centers
                            Geo designs, silver luster background
    143 Velvet  29 Black glass- mirror types, lustered steel embellishments,
                            cut steel mounting, acorn, florals, silver faceted cut           

      144 Velvet  Black Glass- riveted, ornamental painted metal back            

    145  Velvet 32 Black Glass- 8 birds in flight, incised, molded, multicolored
                            designs, self shank               

      146  Velvet 31: Shanks and Plates, goldstone, variety of backs                   

    147  Velvet  60 Pearls- 4 Colonial pin shanks, sew thrus, self shanks,
                            pin and shank plate             

      148 Velvet 13 Pearls- sew thrus, delicate painted flowers on abalone shell                  

      149 Velvet Pearl Button Ornaments- pearl centers        

      150 Velvet Pearl- Extra large sew thru Shell                 

      151 Velvet 8 Pearl- Abalone- square- plate and pin shanks              

      152 Velvet  9 Smoked Pearl  (like steel & rivets)                 

      153Velvet  6 Pearl on Steel

    154 Velvet 6 Smiling Brass Cupid- stamped - steel back/wire shank
                            chain link border design               
    155 Velvet 13 Brass- Cupid & Erato- Muse of Poetry,
                            Fairy resting in a rose bush, 2 Flight of Mohammed from Mecca
                            Medieval Village, Desert Rider, Blondell, Lohengrin's Farewell
                            Chinese Dragon Slayer, Herald on a Horseback, Pierrot & Pierrette            

      156 Velvet Castle & River Scene- press wood comp., brass rim, bk w/ selfshk            

    157  Velvet Shrine of William Tell at Lake Geneva, black glass, shank plate
                            and rim -scarce  
    158 Velvet  Gardens at Karnok- Egyptian Scene with temple, sphinx, pyramid
                            stamped brass and steel back, wire shank
    159 Velvet 9 Figures: Little Charmer-brass, steel back/wire shank
                            Half Figure Emerging from Foliage-pewter applied to painted metal
                            Easter Parade-gnome pulls an eggshell cart, silvered brass, steel back and wire shank
                            "Brandon" from pair Mary Tudor & Brandon- brass
                            Kneeling figure in Egyptian dress among lotus & rushes
                            "Scaramouche"- brass with steel collet
    Waits- singing beggar girl with basket, boy with mandolin

      160 Velvet  Young Woman Whispering to Statue of Cupid- 1pc stamped brass        

      161 Velvet  Queen of Sheba- pressed brass- brass shank      

    162 Velvet 13 Heads- Brass: Egytian Queen-1pc stamped in silvered brass
                            Aida-King of Egypt/ Sarah Bernhardt/ Empress Elizabeth of Austria,
                            Girl in straw bonnet-flowers
    163 Velvet 8 Heads: Liberty Head (Goodyear)/ Empress Eugenie
                            2 Charles the first of England / Classical                  

      164 Velvet Triumvirate (3 Roman coins)                     

      165 Velvet 2 Small Tintypes in brass rims w/steel back/wire shanks c.1860-65     

      166  Velvet 10 Jenny Linds- molded glass heads in classic style       

      167  Velvet 11 Waistcoat Heads: Jenny Lind, child-molded glass, 2 blue glass 

      168 Velvet 6 Classical Heads- brass collet, tin backs             

      169 Velvet Eugenie-Consort of Napolean 3rd- brass and tin back              

    170 Velvet Litho (Woman) c.1880 -beaded brass collet-painted black metal
                            back under celluloid            

      171 Velvet  3 Litho: Woman's Heads- under glass with border of paste brilliants          

    172 Velvet  5 Heads:  Seasonal Head-escutcheon on pearl back
                            brass escutcheon head on black glass/ classical heads       

      173 Velvet  Satan and His Angels- 1pc brass                  

    174 Velvet 11 Satsuma Florals- late 19th/early 20th century (not a set)
                            1 center button of 3 figures                 

      175  Velvet  2 Ivory Birds           

      176  Velvet 3 Gay Nineties        

      177 Velvet 1 Gay Nineties- amethyst glass- ornate setting                  

      178  Velvet 1 Gay Nineties- amethyst stone- brass frame            

    179 Velvet 1 Gay Nineties- stamped/silvered brass-Art Noveau design
                            rectangular amethyst stone surrounded by border of molded paste
                            brilliants which protrude through button top 

      180 Velvet  5 Home-Decorated Porcelain  - c1890-1920  

    181 Velvet 2 Glazed Porcelain- w/ transfer printed designs-19th century
                            thick knob- porcelain self shank           
182 Velvet 2 Glazed Porcelain- w/ transfer printed designs-19th century
                        thick knob- porcelain self shank
    183 Velvet 7 Tole-19th century- cornucopia designs- stenciled discs- threadback     

      184 Velvet 6 Tole- concave brass-floral design on black japanned background        

      185 Velvet  2 Turtles- 2 color compositions-imbedded tinsel- self shank 

      186 Velvet 4 Scarab Beetles on heavy brass base              

    187 Velvet  5: 4 Turquiose Waistcoat Jewels-
                            solid large w/ scalloped frame and brass backs             

      188 Velvet 6 Green Quartz- self shanks                

      189 Velvet  4 Clambroth Swirlbacks                  

      190 Velvet 35: 19th  C. variety of designs-clambrot                       

      191 Velvet 13: 19th C. Clambroth: 6 molded shell /6 ptd stripes- loop shank           

      192 Velvet  21 Clambroth Variety- shank plate & pin- loop shanks           

      193 Velvet 31 19thC. Black/ White Overlay trim/ swirlbacks/ plate & loop shank           

      194 Velvet 7 Tiger Eyes- self shanks- set in metal loop shank           

      195 Velvet 6 Goldstone in Black Glass- plate & pin           

      196 Velvet 5 Goldstone- c.1880s- brass backs, 2 waistcoat jeweled            

      197 Velvet 6 Clambroth Swirls - 1880s- plate & loop shank           

      198 Velvet 10 Opaque Slag Balls with colored swirl designs           

      199 Velvet 8 Cranberry Glass Overlay over yellow back

      200 Velvet 25 Colored Glass Variety- shanks listed on back

      201 Velvet  7 Colored Overlays- Swirlbacks- brass loop shanks

      202  Velvet  9 Agate -swirlbacks- wire shanks

      203 Velvet Large Glass Ball- self shank

      204  Velvet 1 Paperweight- set-up of pink rose/green leaves,clear cap -loop shk

      205 Velvet  2 Venetian Types- glass- loop shk & plate

      206 Velvet 3 Cut Glass- green tips

      207 Velvet 2 Peacock Eye Types-imitation of paperweight type-

    208 Velvet  Variety of Glass- 3 lacey glass/ reflectors/ radiants/ whistle/
                            ruby glass with goldstone

      209 Velvet 25 Mirrors- metal plate back

      210 Velvet  4 Cut Rock Crystal for sleeve- 2 set in silver cup

      211 Velvet 4 Prong Set Paste Brilliants- star design

      212 Velvet 17 Enamels- med bird & 16 diminutive- champleve

      213 Velvet  5 Enamels- circles of blue enamel -champleve-

      214 Velvet 2 Enamels- stamped colored gilt & enameled brass

      215 Velvet 23 Enamels- snowflake pattern- 6 champleve- 17 metal

    216 Velvet  3 Enamels
    "encrusted" bead-like enamel & painted floral center
                            floral center on brass-pierced frame
                            enamel background under brass designed front
217 Velvet 6 Enamels
2 scalloped/pierced - encrusted blue pierreries set in
cobalt blue enamel at border & inner circle of paste brilliants
                        stamped gilt & enameled brass/  champleve w/ enamel floral center
                        brass collet w/ black enameled center & enameled flowers
                        Delicate steel faceted w/ beaded rim
218 Velvet  6 Enamels
5 Champleve flowers on brass- steel rivets along scalloped rim                                                 
                    1 painted & champleve on pierced brass-set w/ faceted steel -19thC
    219 Velvet  24 Enamels- variety of champleve, limoges, cloisonne
                          1 unusual thimble type w/ stamped design of silver

      220 Velvet  6 Ivory-like celluloid -mica inserts

      221  Velvet 2 fasteners- specialty item

      222 Velvet  Old Lapel- brass

      223 Velvet  1 Gilded Brass - open worked- black painted back

      224 Velvet  4 Carnelian from China- story on back

      225 Velvet  6 Silver- 4 Pewter backs

      226 Velvet  Mosiac from Venice- 1904

      227 Velvet Dutch Marine's Cap Button

      228 Velvet  Coat of Arms- Holland

      229 Velvet French Ordinance coat WWI

      230 Velvet King's Royal Rifle Corp to 1958 - England

      231  Velvet King's Foot Soldiers During Revolution- pewter

    232 Velvet Button and Lining from Suit of William Ellingwood-
                               last Revolutionary Soldier to die in Beverly MA- story on back
    233 Velvet 16 Cross Worn in France WWI by Dr. Eleanor Kilham (BeverlyMA)
                                           twice decorated by the French during the war

      234 Velvet Boatswain's Whistle Civil War  25 Navy Buttons

    235 misc  Button Charm String Board:
                            variety of materials, scenes, heads, jewels, pearls, military, sporting

      236 misc  Box lot: jars, cards, pie plate buttons, button bags, book, box of card

      237 misc 11 Poke Tins

      238 misc 1 Military and Service Poke Tin

      239  misc 4 Jars of Buttons

      240  misc Book: Button Collector's Journal by L.S. Albert

      241 misc Book: Mrs. Bremble's Buttons by Dorothy Longley

      242 misc Book: Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons by Sally Luscomb

      243 misc Book: Old Buttons and their Value- c1940 by Lorraine Olson

    244 misc Book: Complete Book of Buttons by Albert & Kent
                                     autographed by both - 1949

      245 misc Book: Button String by Thelma Schull - c.1942- out of print

    246 misc Dorothy Foster Brown Set: button and autographed book
                                       "Edith"- button designed by DFB -on November 28th,
    1952 signed and dated on back of button
                                        Button Parade book- autographed by DFB
    247 misc  Collector's Scrapbook

      248 Tray Black Glass, Pearl, Lusters, Metals, Gay Nineties:

                     Lg. Velvet tinted brass metal design over velvet, wire shank.
                     2 Dragon Buttons, 11 Brass designs over blue background
                     34 Purple abalone with steel facet around border, sew-threw.
                     1 Cut steel riveted design.
                     2 Gay Nineties (as is)
                     Mme. Chrysantheme-stamped & pierced with steel insert.
                     Laxey Wheel - water wheel at the Lady Isabella Mine Isle of Mann
249 Tray  Military, Metals, Ivoroids, Studs, Pictures:
                     (10) Cyrano do Bergerac..1 pc. Pressed brass SCARCE
                     (10) Merchants Making Their Escape from Alexander's Triumphal
                    Entry into Babylon by Thorwaldren.
                     Paris Back..Bird & Flower
                     Brass, Apples, Figs & Grapes..steel bk & wire shank
                    (8) Medieval Village..stamped brass, steel bk, and wire shank
                    Life Saving Service Button
                    Young Queen Victoria..white glass in Brass
                    Ivoroid - a well defined design (bamboo) brass collet
                    Milk Glass Center/Acorn, Brass collet, tin back
                    (3) Fabric Buttons, Star design
                    Artillary - Brass - 3rd.Reg.
                    Navy Anchor c 1830
                    Navy Officer - med. Brass.  Thomas Hood bk mark 1850/1900's
250 Mini Tray:
                    (1) Large Enamel - Champleve - delicate pierced design
                    (1) Lg. Paperweight (modern) goldstone on green base
                    (1) Victorian Blue button incised with painted Art Noveau Design
                     Variety of waistcoat jeweled
                    (1) Brass diamond shaped button colored-encrusted enamel pierreries
                    (1) Red glass button..scrolled lineds painted.
                    (1) Swallow
251 Rosette    One Bridle Rossette

      252 Tin      Poke Tin                  

      253  Misc.  Four tins of misc. buttons                     

      254 Misc.  Lot of tins and jars of buttons                   

      255  Misc.  Large lot of misc. buttons                    

      256  Misc   Large lot of misc. buttons

      257  Tin     Small poke tin

                        Slag & black glass/ animals/ Paris backs/ geometrics/ anchor/ horseshoe

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