Auction of Estate Antiques

The Goodwin Building

611 U.S. Route One

York, Maine

Saturday Morning, November 10, 2007 at 10:00 a.m.

Full Auction Preview Friday November 9th from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

From 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. on the Day of Sale or by Appointment

The auction will commence at 10:00 a.m. with the sale of ANTIQUE AND POST-1898 FIREARMS AND EDGE WEAPONS. Post-1898 firearms will be transferred to the buyer through Britannia Sporting Arms of Portsmouth, NH. Complete listing available by mail, fax or downloaded HERE.

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See Gun List for additional description.

Lot. 833 Thompson Center muzzle loader .45 rifle

Lot. 834 Springfield trap door 1878

Lot. 835 Air rifle .177 (Poss Haenel)

Lot. 836 Air rifle .177 Diana/RWS model 35

Lot. 837 Air rifle .177 Diana/RWS model 52

Lot. 838 Smith & Wesson 586 air pistol .177 in case

Lot. 839 Ruger No. 1-v rifle .22-25o with Redfield scope and sling.

Lot. 840 Westley Richards muzzle loading shotgun

Lot. 841 Winchester m56 .22 bolt action

Lot. 842 Winchester m65 lever action

Lot. 843 Winchester m61 slide action

Lot. 844 Mannlicher Schoenauer 1952 carbine

Lot. 845 Fredrick Hyem o/u 12 ga shotgun

Lot. 846 Ithaca 20 ga. Shotgun with 26 in barrels

Lot. 847 A.H. Fox A grade 12ga shotgun with 30 in barrels

Lot. 848 Charles Daly 20ga shotgun with 24 in. barrels marked J.P. Sauer

Lot. 849 Charles Daly 12ga diamond quality 325 grade with 30 in. barrels

Lot. 850 Parker VH 12ga with 32 in. barrels

Lot. 851 Parker VH .410 (scarce) with 26 in. barrels

Lot. 7 Flintlock "Kentucky" long rifle, lock marked Jas. Golcher

Lot. 853 Colt Official Police .22 revolver

Lot. 854 Luger byf (Mauser) 9mm

Lot. 855 Webley Senior air pistol

Lot. 856 Colt Police Positive .38 (first issue)

Lot. 857 Colt Woodsman .22  (First Series)

Lot. 858 Colt Commando .38

Lot. 2 Sharps four barrel .22 pistol with decorated grips

Lot. 860 Smith & Wesson 1917 .45 acp revolver

Lot. 861 Remington .44 New Army revolver

Lot. 862 Colt 1911 a1 pre-WWII commercial .45 acp. Pistol

Lot. 1 St. Etienne (French) percussion shotgun with basket-weave and rosette carved stock; with two powder horns.

Lot. 8 English percussion shotgun, marked R. Taft.

Lot. 21 Three figural shot flasks


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